Fees:  My fee is $325.00 per 50 minute session.  Extended sessions may be available for an additional fee. Please inquire.

Insurance:  OUT-OF-NETWORK ONLY:  I am no longer an in-network psychologist with any insurance.  

I am an approved Victims of Crime Compensation provider.  If you are a victim of crime and do not have insurance which covers mental health treatment, you may wish to inquire with the district attorney's office about whether you are entitled to money for psychological treatment related to the crime.   Please note, any therapist can accept this funding if they choose.

OUT-OF-NETWORK:  If you have out of network benefits (a PPO plan) for mental health, I can submit claims on your behalf for reimbursement of a portion of your therapy costs.  I can also provide a cumulative statement for you to present your HSA or FSA for reimbursement as an "out of network provider."  Check with your insurance plan for further information regarding your mental health benefits.  
Office Location:  1187 University Drive, Menlo Park & 582 Market Street, San Francisco.

Mediation consultation:  In addition to my therapy practice, I also worked as a mediator for many years.  As a mediator, I specialized in conflicts or situations in which my psychology background was a distinct asset, such as disputes with relational or emotional components, or in which psychological damages are alleged.  Examples: Family businesses, adult siblings, elder care issues, estate planning and probate issues, special needs trusts, trustee-beneficiary issues, employment, artists and musicians, personal injury, disability, partnership disputes.  I currently offer consultation to other mediators on emotional and psychological factors and dynamics in mediation.  This can be especially helpful when hidden or unconscious emotional or psychological factors among the disputants are causing an impasse, or when the mediator's own emotional buttons are getting pushed.

Services Offered: 
  • Short term therapy: adolescents/teens (over 10), adults, couples, families
  • Longer term therapy: adolescents/teens (over 10), adults, couples, families
  • Brief consultation 
  • Dissertation coaching
  • Bar Exam workshop - Enhancing Your Chances for Success on the Bar Exam. Please inquire for details.

Years of psychological research and my own clinical experience show that both long term and short term therapy has positive effects.  It is not unusual for therapy to last anywhere from a few months to several years. Often, a client will have specific goals at the beginning, and when those goals are met, they find they would like to continue the work.  If we decide to work together, we will evaluate our work together from time to time to see that your goals are being met, and how your needs may have changed.   As the client, you have the right to decide how long you would like to continue your therapy.  It is my hope that we will agree in advance on when to complete our work together, so that there is time to reflect on the process and say our goodbyes.